Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Meet N Greet

The flight through LAX to Hawaii went well. But the aisle seat I had prevented me from seeing anything much out the window. The gentleman next to me on the plane did point out a few seconds of sights as we flared out for landing. And I was in Hawaii!

Charles Hinman of the Bowfin Museum picked me up along with Jeff Porteous, a great friend, fellow Wahoo aficionado, and personal friend of Wahoo's Yeoman Forest Sterling. He took us to
the museum where we got to see the sights briefly and help with the preparation for the night's event: a meet and greet with the Wahoo family members.

As you might imagine, things moved pretty rapidly while picking up rental wheel chairs for the guests, transporting a six foot wooden display with images of almost all the men lost aboard Wahoo, and checking into the hotel. We were honored to help Charles prepare.

The event was formally kicked off by a short explanation from Mush Morton's son, Doug, who related how the loss of his father still impacts his life. He explained how the events this week would give him and the rest of those who lost loved ones aboard the boat time to connect and express the feelings they've shared for so many years. He concluded with a smile, "Let's talk."

His sister Edwina then passionately reminded the group that each man lost on October 11, 1943 was a true hero and the event was to celebrate the entire crew, not just her famous dad. "Wahoo could not have done what she did without the heroic work of every man aboard," she said. Her gracious words were enthusiastically affirmed.

More to come after some shut-eye.



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