Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ike and USS Cavalla (SS-244)

Got an email this morning with an update from John McMichael, the curator of the exhibits at Seawolf Park, Galveston, Texas supplied by Jeffrey S. Nilsson. Having ridden through Hurricane Ike myself last weekend I was anxious to learn of any damage to the Cavalla and Stewart on display in the park.

"The storm tide was high and the water had the main deck of the Stewart awash. Both of the ships were lifted out of their earth enclosures and moved a bit. The Cavalla was buttoned up and suffered no internal damage or leakage and is in pretty good shape. The Stewart, was also well buttoned up, however, when the tide receded, the result was that she now has about a 15 degree list to starboard. The out buildings and container that they were using for storage are gone."

More information will be made available as it comes to light. The island is without power and they are not allowing anyone in at present. Below is a link to video of the park.



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