Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wahoo and Tang Family News

Got two updates from Charles Hinman at the Bowfin Museum yesterday to pass along regarding the USS Wahoo and USS Tang extended families.

Freida Barker, the 107-year old mother of Wahoo crewman RT1c Max L. Mills, was recently profiled in the Kokomo Tribune. Mills joined Wahoo for patrol six and was lost on patrol seven. Unfortunately, Mrs. Barker was unknown to the Bowfin prior to last October's memorial services in Pearl Harbor for the boat so she did not receive the information in time to attend. However, she has been informed of Wahoo's discovery and is much relieved to finally know what happened to her son. To read the article online, click here:

Due in part to the impending publication of Alex Kershaw's new book on Tang, "Escape From The Deep", several parties have been gathering information in order to search for the boat's wreck. As a result of this activity, the Bowfin Museum is compiling information for a Tang Family Network in order to keep relatives of those who served, or were lost, aboard Tang abreast of the latest developments. If you are a Tang family member, or have contact information for one, please contact Charles Hinman at the USS Bowfin Museum:


Vista Gal on 11:47 PM said...

I would like to know if Bill Leibold is still living.
My name is Milissa Clark Klicka and my father Cdr. Lynn R. Clark was a friend of his.
His name became familliar to me as I am reading Presumed Lost by Stephen L. Moore.I think that Bill and my father met in POW camp and later in the 60's were on an ASR together.
Can anyone help get me in touch with him?


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