Sunday, May 09, 2010

Wahoo and Tang exhibit planned for National WWII Museum

Legends of the Deep was recently contacted by The National World War II Museum in New Orleans regarding a new exhibit to feature USS Wahoo and USS Tang.

Seth Paridon, Manager of Research Services at the museum, solicited assistance in locating digital copies of images featured on Legends. These will gladly be provided. The future exhibits will tell the story of submarines in the Pacific war and detail the contributions of Wahoo and Tang, along with their respective COs. In addition, they plan to construct a full size submarine walk through which will be modeled after the USS Tang. 

Details will follow as they are made available. It should be an impressive exhibit!


Bud on 4:20 PM said...

the exibit sounds really great. But i have a off topic comment.the report on Wahoo's sinking said he was going thru the strait on the surface and the gun batterys fired on him and he submerged with an oil trail. I believe that he was initially struck by one of them before he went under because of the oil trail to where he was sunk. then he got bombed in his final resting place.


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